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Oink Oink for Greedy BadOink!



BJ Addict has a wonderful blog about her love of giving.

I love this - how can one not love a giving, loving woman in this age of takers?

But I have a problem.

Whenever i use my iPad to visit her blog, I get a site called “”.  Oink, Oink Oink, this piggish site not only charges $1 for the first day and $39.95 for each additional month, it also takes over BJAddict’s site.  I try to go to BJAddict, I am redirected to BadOink and cannot even see a single thing from BJAddict.

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This happened to my Tumblr somehow!!! It affects both Apple and Android devices and is driving me damn insane.  I definitely never signed up with anything through plugrush or badoink and I’m not getting paid, but they’re redirecting all mobile traffic to them instead of me.  Bullshit!  At least I’m not the only one.  If you like BJ Addict’s blog check mine out tosharemyslut…though only from a computer lol

This is happening to me too!  I make no money from my blog and haven’t signed up with anything.  I was wondering if it was something I reblogged.

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